Military and First Responders

Thank you for your service to this great country. 
We appreciate all you have done to keep America safe and secure. 

We would be honored to have you a part of Warriors and Rodeo. 

Who can apply?

  • Active and former Military, Fire Fighters, EMS, Law Enforcement, Corrections Officer
  • Honorable and General Discharge from military service
  • Medical Discharge/Medical Retirement
  • Active Duty/Reserve/NG/Retired
  • Must have served or are currently serving a minimum of three years in one of the authorized branches/professions unless medically discharged. (If you signed a two year contract, this will be taken into consideration.)
  • Bad Conduct and Dishonorable discharge are not allowed to register with WAR
  • Spouses and children can register for free using this form - click here

Any other professions that do not fall underneath one of the branches already mentioned, can be submitted for consideration to the board. Please fill out the registration form and verification of service and you will be contacted.

To prevent fraud and abuse we do require proof of service. 
  • DD-214 (feel free to black out private info not necessary for registration)
  • current active duty ID
  • current first responder ID
  • proof of first responder employment
We understand that sometimes paperwork is lost. WAR will work with you to verify service. Please fill out the form below and add your specific circumstances in the comments section and we will be in touch to help resolve it.

  • Time starts when authentication of service, donation and form are complete. 
  • During Candidate period the person registering will not receive benefits from WAR sponsors, donations, discounts, clinics, etc. WAIVED FOR 2019 MOUNTED SHOOTING CLINIC
  • As a Candidate you will be allowed on all social media.
  • Not eligible for any leadership role for one year.

WAR Confidentiality and Volunteer Agreement

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