Welcome to WAR

W.A.R. is getting a new website!  www.warmissions.org

Welcome to W.A.R.

If you have served - thank you. We appreciate you.

We are a 501C3 Non-Profit Organization for
Military, first responders, and their family.

We have some amazing programs in 2019 
that we are excited to tell you about!

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WAR Operation Not on my Watch - we are WAR against suicide, depression, loneliness, and PTSD. We will not lose even one when we are on watch.

WAR Operation Armor - They protect us out of the arena, we want to protect them in the arena. WAR helping our American heroes have quality gear for their rodeo events.

WAR Operation Not Forgotten - WAR sends care packages to our military and first responders around the world. We want to make sure they know we have NOT forgotten them and never will.

WAR Project K9 - Partnering with Rodrigue's Cajun K9s to give a trained K9 to one of our members. K9 Mason is named after Mason Lowe, a professional bull rider who died in a tragic bull riding accident.

WAR Project Service Buckle - The greatest buckle to earn is in meritorious service to country. This may include meritorious achievement, service or performance of duty, an act of courage or heroism. The act justifying the award can entail aerial flight, and it may be noncombatant-related acts of heroism.

WAR Project H3 Adventure Cabins - WAR is partnering with 1000 Miles Till Home to provide cabins for military and first responders to stay at for numerous events and retreats. Those who come home from deployment, lose a brother or sister in arms, Gold Star families, and those who serve in the military and first responders. Hunting & fishing retreats, a way station between rodeos, hiking, solitude - our members need to have a safe place to go, we will provide that.

WAR Project Swap Meet - New project starting summer of 2019 - send your new or still usable rodeo gear to our WAR shop in southern Missouri. We will make sure it gets in the hands of our American Heroes. Let's give back to those who will give it all for our freedom and safety.

WAR Institute - Provide professional, personal, and rodeo training in and out of the arena, for all aspects of life.

Look over our website for lots of great info!