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Warriors And Rodeo

A nonprofit organization designed to give back to those who are willing to put their life on the line for our country's freedoms and safety.

We want to make a difference in the lives of these American Heroes.

Warriors And Rodeo “WAR” has many rodeo athletes that compete all over the country. WAR also has many who are not competitive yet enjoy the ranch & rodeo lifestyle and find a common bond with those who do compete.

We have served or are serving in the professions below:
Air Force
Marine Corps
Coast Guard
Law Enforcement Officer
Fire Fighters
and similar service professions

Every single day these Warriors & Heroes join together to protect you from a broad spectrum of threats; seen and unseen, foreign & domestic and real & potential threats on our soil.



Warriors and Rodeo has three primary missions.

Operation Not on my Watch:
Day-to-day life after the experiences our members face can be extremely difficult. Warriors And Rodeo provides a safe place for its members to help each other by connecting with those in similar situations. We say our organization is at WAR - war against suicide,  PTSD, depression, loneliness, and more. We call ourselves a family and our mission is that none be left behind. 

Operation Armor:
WAR raises money to provide gear, via donations and sponsorship, to protect the WAR members in the rodeo/western lifestyle. Whether it be vests, chaps, helmets, boots, spurs, hats, ropes, shirts, pants, or other items - WAR wants to give back to those who will give it all.
Providing protective gear in the arena to those who wear real armor out of the arena to protect us.

Operation Not Forgotten:
We work with people and companies to provide ways for supporters, friends, and family to join Warriors And Rodeo in the above missions. This is done in many ways such as:
  • send a card, letter, child's artwork 
  • make a video sharing your gratefulness for their service
  • donate monetarily and or products to be given to those who have served
  • volunteer
  • Warriors And Rodeo benefit event
  • invite WAR members to your event to participate and or be honored

We Want YOU to be involved in WAR!

We want to provide a way for you to make a difference in the lives of these American Heroes.

WAR is simple. 
WAR is easy to be involved in.

WAR has a mission.
Join it.

DONATE HERE for the WAR store via Shopify 

or at Paypal here:


Recurring Donation

Ways to get involved:

1. Supporter - donate to help us complete our missions. Newsletters via email and discounts at our store! Suggested minimum $30 donation
2. Corporate donor - donate product or monetarily. Please email and you will be contacted.
3. Endorsee - Represent WAR at your rodeo/sport events!
4. WAR Youth Team / WAR Kids - a developing program to get our youth involved in honoring those who serve. This is a work in progress so join and help us develop this! 

5. Register with WAR - military, LE, EMS, Fire Fighters can provide verification of service.  Suggested minimum $30 yearly donation paid after approval.
  • Veterans/Active Duty/Reserve/NG military service.
  • Active Fire Fighters, EMS, Police, Corrections Officer, Dispatch or served previously 
  • No Bad Conduct or Dishonorable Discharges will be allowed
  • Medical Discharge/Medical Retirement
  • Must have served a minimum of three years, are currently serving, unless medically discharged - in one of the authorized branches/professions 
  • added to WAR facebook group to network and get great info
  • opportunity to receive items donated to WAR
  • apply to attend WAR sponsored events: hunting/fishing trips, white water rafting trips, rodeo schools, knife making class, featured at events, etc
  • must be a registered for a minimum of three months to receive gear, discounts on gear, and/or attend clinics.
Would you like more info before getting involved? Click here for details on donations, missions, results, and the future of WAR.

Warriors And Rodeo Staff
President – Sheri Smith
Board Members:
Steve Carter, Michael Hall, Keith Marrano, Greg Phillips
Sgt at Arms - Keith Marrano, Cody Smith, Kevin Bursazi
Accountant/Treasurer - Russell Seaver

At any time registration can be revoked from WAR at the discretion of the president, vice president, and board of WAR without explanation or reason.

WAR Release Form
WAR Confidentiality and Volunteer Agreement

WAR DOES NOT SPONSOR ITS MEMBERS - although it can help and lead to it for members. As we receive donations we purchase gear for our members. This is dependent upon companies and supporters donations. Other WAR members give their used gear to other members, also. Heroes helping Heroes.

We try our best to help our members reach their highest potential in life, on the battlefield and in the arena.

WAR IS NOT A SUICIDE PREVENTION PROGRAM. - We provide a network and opportunity for those who serve to have the friendships and encouragement they need but we are not professional counselors. We try to do what we can but there are times when people need to go to a professional. We encourage our members to receive counseling.

As of May 2017, Warriors and Rodeo was instrumental in preventing what could have been 11 suicides. We are humbled to have reached so many.


WAR will be implementing a stricter vetting process. Your registration can take one month to be processed.

If you are registering with WAR and your application is not accepted, you will be refunded your $30 donation.

Once you are approved to be a part of WAR, this cannot be refunded.

via paypal

Monthly Donation

or on our store

WAR was started in the fall of 2014 by Sheri Smith, Navy Veteran, and PBR Certified Sports Agent. She represents some amazing clients ( but felt a need to help her fellow veterans in the industry. 

Sheri's vision expanded to help many front line warriors.  Slowly, she met more and more people who would soon join her team that became known as Warriors And Rodeo - WAR.  

With so many people wanting to be involved, the team that was originally under her agency and personal corporation, is now a 501C3. 

"What will WAR become?  
We have no answer.  
It will be what the members make it.  
There are no boundaries and no limitations."
Sheri Smith