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"It was the best hunt I've ever been on in my life!" - Travis Traziski, Marine Corps Veteran

Warriors And Rodeo
Wilderness Warriors

My name is Travis Trizinsky: Professional Bull Rider, Hunting and Fishing Representative for Warriors And Rodeo, and the Founder of True Obsession Outdoors.

The first mission statement of WAR is, “Not on my Watch.” Defined it means, “Day-to-day life after the experiences our members face can be extremely difficult. Warriors And Rodeo provides a safe place for its members to help each other by connecting with those in similar situations.

We say our organization is at WAR - war against suicide, depression, loneliness, and more. We call ourselves a family and our mission is that none be left behind.”

To aid in this mission we reflect upon the words of Theodore Roosevelt, “There are no words that can tell the hidden spirit of the wilderness, that can reveal its mystery, its melancholy, and its charm.”

I have been an outdoorsman my entire life and one of the mysteries of the wild is it's incredible healing power. No matter how stressful or overwhelming my day-to-day life is, when I'm in nature my mind is completely clear. I have one sole focus and that is the game in which I pursue.

Please join us throughout the year as True Obsession Outdoors takes WAR members into the wilderness to connect with nature and create long lasting memories with their brothers in arms.

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Upcoming retreats:

  • April 2018 Spinks Ranch Turkey Hunt

Hunting / Fishing Retreats we partner with:

Spinks Ranch. Missouri

J. Smith, Veteran

"The staff of Caddo Ranch were amazing. Some of the the nicest people and best food I’ve ever had. The deer herd was incredible. I got to see some deer that I never thought I would see. 4 minutes before dark on the last day one of the bucks we were looking for stepped out. Beautiful 10 point. The place was a sportsman’s paradise. Stocked pond, beautiful lodging, 4 wheel trails. It was a weekend I’ll never forget." 

"I cannot thank Wes & Melissa Spinks enough for their Hospitality! 1st class People for sure who understands veterans with PTSD, TBI , with injuries. Glad to be able to meet such great people. We seen some world class deer but just a bit to young they for will be bruisers next year! Michael and Danny, it was great meeting you guys! Thanks for the memories and laughs gents! If y'all need anything ever just hollar this way!" - Justin Bowie, Veteran.

Travis Trizisky