WAR Directors

Warriors and Rodeo

Regional Directors
Event Team Directors
Professional Directors

These three branches of WAR serve multiple purposes including organizing events, wellness checks of those in our organization, managing gear and products for their region, and more.

We don't want anyone left behind. The branches of WAR are three ways we can provide a network and safety net for those in our organization.

Regional Director Coordinator - Kyle Vinyard, Vice President vinyard@warriorsandrodeo.org
Regional Directors:
Alpha Team - Alaska - Cody Smith (Interim) codyacrossamerica@gmail.com
Bravo Team - Central  - Jason Hetland midwestregion@warriorsandrodeo.org
Charlie Team - Canada  - Devin Harder Harder.DSW@gmail.com
Delta Team - South Central  - Clint McMurtry clint@warriorsandrodeo.org
Echo Team - North East - Ben Havill  echo@warriorsandrodeo.org
Sierra Team - South East- Daniel Blair  sierrateam@warriorsandrodeo.org
Hotel Team - Hawaii  - Ty Whitcher  twhitcher20@gmail.com 
Whiskey Team -West  - Colt Ainsworth colt@warriorsandrodeo.org

WAR Youth - need committee, volunteer today!
WAR Women - need committee, volunteer today!

Event Team Director Coordinator - Sheri Smith war@warriorsandrodeo.org
(we are looking for someone to be the ETD Coordinator)
Event Team Directors
Bull Riding Directors - BJ Elmore  warbullriding@gmail.com
Bull Fighting Directors - 
Team Roping Directors - Clint McMurtry clint@warriorsandrodeo.org
  • Committee - Jesse Strait, Andreas Sanchez
Chute Dog/Steer Wrestling Director - Randall Mosely warsteers@gmail.com
Bronc Directors - Tim Humpheys warbroncs@gmail.com
  • Committee - Kris Harrington
Barrel Racing Directors - Brittany Lee warbarrelracing@gmail.com
Mounted Shooting Director - Matthew Jobe  matt@cbarj.com 
Tie Down Director - 

Professional Director Coordinator - Sheri Smith war@warriorsandrodeo.org
(we are looking for someone to be the PD Coordinator)
Professional Directors
Active Military Director - Philip Kilmon WARPR@warriorsandrodeo.org
Veterans Director -       
Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire Fighters Director - Keith Marrano 1stresponders@gmail.com