WAR Professional Directors

What does it mean to be a Warriors and Rodeo Professional Director?

WARPDs are part of the three branches of WAR.

  1. Regional Directors
  2. Event Team Directors
  3. Professional Directors

These three branches main purpose is to build relationships with those in the organization and supporters in their area of influence.  Getting to know our members is critical in all missions of WAR.  When all three branches of WAR are functioning as they should be there is no reason anyone in WAR should be "left behind".

1. Build a roster of those who fit under your title.
2. Form a small committee to help you with your duties.
3. Send monthly email to your roster with updates and info.
4. Contact three people within your roster every week to build relationships and wellness checks. This can be via social media or phone.
5. Make sure that every person in your roster is contacted via text, phone, or chat once a month minimum.  Even if they don't respond, we must put forth the effort to remind them we have not forgotten them.
6. Make a monthly report on the 15th of every month to the president of WAR with info on the state of your branch.
7. Report any concerns, problems, or needs to the appropriate staff member.  Refer to the chain of command on the admin page.
8. Give advice and help the member find answer to their professional questions.

It is critical to gather info on anyone in who is deployed and sent immediately to war@warriorsandrodeo.org  Stay connected weekly with anyone deployed or serving in a hazardous area including on the border.  Contact them weekly and if needed, you can form a committee to help with this.

This branch of WAR will develop over time so the duties and responsibilities may change as we grow. We will need your help and advice on how to make this branch meet its highest potential.

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Sheri Smith