WAR Families

Note from the President of WAR, Sheri Smith

We are a WAR family. It is important to me that my children are involved in what is important to us - and that includes honoring those who serve.

We'd like spouses and children to be a part of our WAR family, too.

I am a Navy Veteran and a spouse of an Army National Guard / Navy Veteran. He is 50% service connected disabled.  We have six amazing children who have been on this journey with us, since 1991. After five surgeries on his nerve damage and an additional two more for another condition, he is doing better. Having a network of people to stand behind us would have made this very difficult situation easier. But we didn't have a network and I hope that I can keep that from happening to someone else.

Sometimes we just need someone to talk to.  Our organization provides opportunity for you to get to know others who have served, married to someone who has served, and are in a similar lifestyle - rodeo.

Our family has been through a lot and we know how a network of people who can understand and be a support can make what seems like an impossible situation - possible.

If your spouse is registered with WAR, you can too!

Sign up your children and youth to be WARKIDS and WARYOUTH click here


Money is needed to run our organization, but we feel that providing you a network of people is critical and we don't want to have dues that are so high that a family might not be able to join.

So, sign up below and get involved!

Two main reasons we require the form to be submitted:
1. to have the spouse sign the confidentiality agreement to protect identities and private info that might be shared.
2. to sign the liability waiver for yourself and your children. We don't want to be sued!

Therefore, thank you for taking the time to do our forms. We look forward to hearing from you.


Sheri Smith - President of Warriors and Rodeo