WAR Event Team Directors


Requirements to be a Warriors And Rodeo Event Team Director:

  • Be an active Warriors And Rodeo member for one year and in good standing.
  • Must be a volunteer that has completed five tasks to a high standard.
  • Must have good conduct without any verified controversial behavior that breaks the Code of Conduct, for the previous six months.
  • Approved by the WAR Event Team Director Coordinator (Sheri Smith)

Characteristics of a WAR Event Team Director:
  • This is a highly sensitive position, the member must be respectful of his/her fellow members.
  • Be able to make leadership decisions.
  • Maintain accountability of all the members in the given team. Everyone will be treated equally and no special treatment will be shown.
  • Event Team Leaders must be trustworthy honest and loyal.

A team directors’s term will last one year. At the end of the year his/her performance will be reviewed by the president and if satisfactory and if the ETD wishes to retain the position then a decision will be made by the president.

Duties of an Event Team Director:
  • Work with WAR President to form a roster of members in their team.
  • Make contact via email to team members that shares the ETD’s contact info.
  • Form a committee to help run the team. Assign someone to be in charge of different aspects to assist you in the work.
  • Work with WAR admin to compile bios and pics on team members.
  • Make social media posts minimum twice a month about someone on the team, making sure to alternate who is spotlighted. Only spotlight members in good standing and that are a good representative on social media. This includes Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Passwords will be provided.
  • Keep a record of who needs rodeo gear, who receives gear from WAR, that they signed the WAR agreement, and that they received the gear.
  • Send a monthly email to event team members with updates and info. CC the president and SECWAR on this email.
  • Send a monthly email on the 15th, to the president, with updates on team activity.
  • Keep track of volunteer hours and report on monthly email.
  • Contact each person on your team once a month. This can be delegated/split with your committee members.
  • In the event an Event Team member is acting outside of WAR’s code of conduct or has an issue, the team leader will speak with that member to address the issue at hand and try to come to a solution. If no solution presents itself the ETD will either contact the Regional Director or the Marshall. If very serious and warrants the attention of the president, contact Sheri immediately.

General Information:

These event teams will not become separate entities of WAR. We want to maintain the larger organization. They must stay involved in main group.

All ideas and plans for functions and events must be submitted to the Regional Leader and then they will present it to the president of WAR for final approval.

The reason for this is to mitigate confusion and conflicts with possible donors and sponsors, and to better assist WAR members with any issues that may arise.

Any and all negotiations with companies or individuals must be pre-approved by Sheri Smith before contact is made.

Professionalism is key in this business and any acts that may shine a negative light on WAR will not be tolerated.


1. Know your members, relationship is key to helping with suicide prevention and PTSD

2. Know their skill level

3. Do they need gear?

4. Share some pics, schedule, and videos to social media at least once a week to WAR social media.

5. Be a liaison with the WAR staff concerning event specific opportunities to best place members in said opportunities.

6. Send monthly email to members, send monthly email to president

7. Contact your members once a month minimum

Thank you for your dedication to giving back to your brothers and sisters in arms. Together we will make sure we don’t lose even one to suicide.

Let’s remind those in WAR that…

They are not forgotten.