WAR Buckles

Warriors and Rodeo Award

Outstanding Service to Country Award Buckle
and the Exceptional Volunteer Buckle

A belt buckle is a distinguishing symbol of the western lifestyle. Many cowboys and cowgirls have had the opportunity to earn a buckle by competing in rodeo and other western events. These buckles are not just earned by winning the competition but also by the sweat equity and perseverance they have endured to become winners. Our American heroes should have the opportunity to earn this trademark of the American West.  They can now receive a buckle with their branch(es) of service that honor their sacrifice and dedication to their country. They will also receive a citation stating the specific event that caused them to be nominated for this coveted award.

To nominate someone who served in the military, law enforcement, EMS, or fire fighter email
war@warriorsandrodeo.org. This person must be a registered member of Warriors and Rodeo in good standing to be nominated. To join
click here.

Please include the following:
  1. Your contact info (name, phone number, email address)
  2. Name of person you are nominating
  3. Branch of service they were in
  4. Why they should be chosen to receive one of the two buckles above (200-300 words)
  5. List date, location, specific act of exemplary service that qualifies them for this award
We will then award the buckle to those who are found to fit the criteria and are approved by a selection committee. This award ceremony will be at a meaningful location/event and will be administered by an official of WAR or a noteworthy rodeo official.

If you would like to sponsor a buckle please email war@warriorsandrodeo.org.   We appreciate your donation.