Heel-O-Matic Training Systems partners with Warriors and Rodeo to bring awareness to the organization at the BFI, Bob Feist Invitational Roping in Reno, NV, and raises $26,000 by auctioning off 3 training systems painted with the American Flag.  Warriors and Rodeo is so thankful for this incredible donation and show of patriotism by the rodeo and roping community.


produced by Cody Corbett

Cody Corbett, Team Roper TV, has gone above and beyond in his dedication to this organization.  He produced two videos to honor our organization and has helped to raise over $27,500 for Warriors and Rodeo. Please follow his pages and watch these outstanding videos. Thank you Cody.....we appreciate all your hard work.


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Numerous WAR members attended WNFR 2016. They came from all over the country to have fun, work, and share with others - the mission of Warriors and Rodeo.

President Sheri Smith, Board Members Michael Hall and Steve Carter spent many hours discussing the organization, its future and its past.  All three feel a strong purpose and mission that motivates them to volunteer their time and work for free for WAR.

Besides the many meetings attended, many WAR members were given the opportunity to attend the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo with tickets donated by another WAR member.

The final night of the WAR activities, Luke Kaufman had a concert at the PBR Rock Bar on the strip, which featured and honored our members and those who serve.

Bonds were made, lives touched, and missions accomplished.  While no gathering is perfect, WAR members had a great time.  One WAR spouse shared, "I like it when my husband goes with WAR members. He comes home happy and refreshed."

WAR staff is already making plans for WNFR next year!

Got to visit with our supports ACTRA. 


WAR at PBR Finals 2016

WAR supporters Mike Lee and Total Feeds

WAR members had a great time at PBR Finals. 
Some WAR Youth competed in the MBR.
Luke Kaufman and PBR Rock Bar did a benefit for our organization.
Incredible event for our members.


Oct 2016
American Cowboy Team Roping Association honored Warriors and Rodeo by inviting us to participate in their finals.  Four of our members have been attending the finals this week. The reception from all the companies, contestants, and members of ACTRA have been incredible. We can never thank them enough for all they are doing for our organization.

ACTRA (American Cowboys Team Roping Association) is the largest non profit team roping organization in the United States. It was founded in 1983 and has chapters in California, Hawaii, Nevada, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Canada (British Columbia), Wyoming, Arizona, Utah and Montana. ACTRA is owned by its members and run by its members.

ACTRA uses a half-number system to handicap ropers. When issuing a number we take in to consideration a combination of age, skill, ability and other criteria administered by an elected board of peers to handicap ropers. There are ropings designed for professional team ropers, as well as families, and individuals who pursue the sport as a hobby. Our goal is to provide our members quality, professionally run team ropings with low, as well as high dollar, entry fees that allow anyone to participate in the price range and ability level they are comfortable with.

ACTRA Chapters top off each year with their own Chapter promoted Finals. This allows members who participate in each of the individual Chapters to qualify for the ACTRA National Finals team roping. While the National Finals is the crowning glory for our ACTRA members, both the Chapter and National finals are designed to celebrate the activities of the roping season with exciting prize lines and added monies.

ACTRA has a catastrophe fund, supported by donations, designed to help members that have suffered an injury or accident. With the rising cost of medical care, many people can’t afford health insurance so we try to help members in need. This fund has been used to help recipients that have suffered stroke, been in car accidents or have been hurt while roping. While we don’t have the funds to cover actual medical expenses, we realize that every little bit counts when tragedy strikes, so we do what we can to help.

ACTRA also has a scholarship program that is available to our younger members to help fund the college of their choice. We do require our applicants, or one of their immediate family, to be an ACTRA member. We firmly believe in rewarding academic excellence in our youth and do our best to support them. Youth are the future, of not only our sport, but our way of life.

ACTRA, being a non-profit organization, ensures our members that their roping dollars are coming back to them in the form of added money, prizes and/or services. ACTRA believes in taking care of our members to the best of our ability not only in our individual chapters but on the national level as well. It is our goal to provide an organization that families, as well as professional ropers, can be proud to be a member of. As our motto so eloquently states, “ACTRA, Where Families Come to Rope!” 


In June, 2016, Total Feeds owner Dr. Harry Anderson began his corporate relationship with Warriors and Rodeo.  Total Feeds' product, Total People Plus has been used by top people in the rodeo industry to include J.B. Mauney, Mike Lee, Fallon Taylor, Cody Ohl, and others. Dr. Anderson had hopes it might also benefit those in our organization that deal with the effects of PTSD, depression, etc.  Many of our members use Total People Plus and have found great results. We appreciate Total Feeds and Dr. Anderson joining both missions of WAR Operation Not on my Watch, Operation Not Forgotten.  Please watch Total Feeds on RFD-TV Oct. 10th where he will be sharing more about Warriors and Rodeo.

Western Sports Round Up interview

Mike Lee, endorsee of WAR, shares on She's Gone Country