Why become a Supporter?

WAR is doing great things. We can't even put a number on lives changes and saved. There are members that would have taken their life without this organization. One mission is Operation Not on my Watch. We are an organization at war - at war against suicide, PTSD, depression, etc.  How do we combat these? With fun, laughter, joy, friendship, fellowship, and getting together.  We've seen lives changed at WAR events and gatherings and through social media and networking.  I had the pleasure of meeting multiple members who would be dead if it weren't for WAR. Looking in their eyes and holding them in my arms as we hugged - it is humbling.

We are raising money to help us provide protective gear to those who protect America. Our military puts on protective armor and travel in armored vehicles, ships, and aircraft. Our Law Enforcement wear bullet proof vests, fireman gear to protect from fire, EMS travel in ambulance with specific equipment to save our lives.  Vest, helmets, hoses, fire boots, protective gloves, weapons, humvees, law enforcement vehicles, and more.  They wear gear to protect us let's work together to provide gear to protect them in their rodeo endeavors.

WAR is doing great things. We'd love for you to be a part of it.

We ask for a $30 support member fee. Please consider donating more if possible.

We are working on newsletters starting in 20178to keep our supporters up to date on our events, activities, and progress. These newsletters are quarterly.

So, please join now. THE FORM IS BELOW

How can you help?

  • purchase war products at
  • share our Facebook fan page and posts on your page
  • Twitter and Instagram @warriorsnrodeo
  • volunteer to help WAR with different projects. Email to share your interest in volunteering.
Thank you for your support!

Sheri Smith
President and Founder of WAR
Navy Veteran
PBR Certified Sports Agent