Steve Carter Army. Bull Rider

Steve Carter- U.S. Army and bull rider
WAR Board Member

2013 Southern States Bull Riding Finals Qualifier
2015 Southern Rodeo Association Finals Qualifier
2x International Finals Rodeo Qualifier 2014,2015
2x Southeastern Professional Finals Rodeo Qualifier 2014,15
3x American Bull Riders Tour Finals Qualifier 13,14,15
2015 Southeastern Professional Finals Rodeo 1st go, average and year end champion.

I entered the Army 3 July 2003 completed basic, airborne school, and RIP(Ranger Indoctrination Program) at Fort Benning Ga. Then I deployed with 375 Ranger Regiment twice to Iraq and twice to Afghanistan. My platoon aided in the recovery of Matt Axelson
after the failure of Operation Red Wings in Afghanistan. I received a Purple Heart my last deployment in Iraq.

On a deployment we inserted to an objective from uh-60's we started to take fire from an insurgent in the back of a stake bed truck located in front of the target building we returned fire while moving to the entry point. As we made it closer to the truck approximately 10-15 ft away a suicide vest was deployed.