Chain of Command

Warriors and Rodeo, Recreation, and Racing Board of Directors

President Sheri Smith US Navy
Vice President Kyle Vinyard US Army
Secretary in transition 
James Hastings US Army
Steve Carter US Army

Warriors and Rodeo Executive Board

President Sheri Smith US Navy
Secretary Kyle Vinyard US Army
Steve Carter US Army
Keith Marrano US Navy and Law Enforcement SGT at Arms
WAR Marshall James Hastings, US Army
WAR PR Philip Killmon
WAR Regional Director Colt Ainsworth

Regional Director Coordinator - Kyle Vinyard, Vice President
Regional Directors:
Alpha Team - Alaska - Cody Smith (Interim)
Bravo Team - Central  - Jason Hetland
Charlie Team - Canada  - Devin Harder
Delta Team - South Central  - Clint McMurtry
Echo Team - North East - Ben Havill
Sierra Team - South East - Daniel Blair
Hotel Team - Hawaii  - Ty Whitcher 
Whiskey Team -West  - Colt Ainsworth

Event Team Director Coordinator - 
Event Team Directors:
Bullriding - BJ Elmore
Bullfighting - 
Team Roping Clint McMurtry
Broncs - Tim Humphreys
Chute Dog/Steer Wrestling Director - Randall Mosely
Barrel Racing Directors - Brittany Lee
Mounted Shooting Director - Matthew Jobe 
Tie Down Director - 

Professional Director Coordinator - Sheri Smith
(we are looking for someone to be the PD Coordinator)
Professional Directors
Active Military Director - Philip Kilmon
Veterans Director -  
Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire Fighters Director - Keith Marrano and JD Ingham

Warriors and Recreation Executive Board

President Sheri Smith US Navy
James Hastings Marshall US Army
Steve Carter US Army
Travis Trizinsky US Marine Corps
Colt Ainsworth US Air Force

Warriors and Racing Executive Board

President Sheri Smith US Navy
Secretary Naomi Smith (applying to US Air Force)
Cody Smith Federal Law Enforcement and EMS, Fire Fighter

Advisory Committee

The following people are considered consultants for all branches of the organization. Their opinions, knowledge, and experience as essential to the operation of Warriors and Rodeo, Racing & Rec.
Eva Scofield US Navy Captain, Retired
Wendell Berry President 1000 Miles Til Home
Paul Bristol President Base Camp 40
Hanna Smith Editor and Writer

Other Staff Positions by our incredible volunteers:

Naomi Smith - WAR Store
Shaun Kuhaneck - WARodeo Facebook Group Social Media
Andreas Sanchez - POC:
  • Cactus Ropes, Gear, Saddlery
  • Team Roping Decatur, TX
  • Steer Wrestling Clinic
Kyle Vinyard - POC Fast Back Ropes
Eddie Rodrigue - WAR Operation K-9