Shane Eads

Shane Eads - U.S. Army, Fire Fighter, and Bull Rider

I joined the Oklahoma Army National Guard in November of 2008. I was placed in a Recon Platoon with the 1/279th Infantry in Tulsa after Basic Training in Fort Benning, Georgia. I went to Air Assault School
and Sniper School in my first couple of years and repelled from Blackhawk Helicopters on numerous occasions to help pilots acquire their flight certifications. I was deployed to Afghanistan in 2011. Our AO was the Paktiya Province and we were stationed at FOB Gardez. Our platoon ran over 185 combat patrols and over 25 named full scale operations. We were engaged in combat on numerous occasions, where I earned my Combat Infantry Badge and I survived 2 IED's for which I was granted a Purple Heart.  Within my first 5 days in Afghanistan we had been in 2 firefights and hit with 2 IED's.

 I was raised on a small horse ranch in Oklahoma. I began helping my dad break and train horses at the age of 12. My dad was a saddle bronc and bareback rider so I was always around rodeo. From the time I saw the movie "8 Seconds" I knew I wanted to ride bulls. I began riding bulls at the age of 17 and have been riding ever since.My "claim to fame" as I call it, was getting the opportunity to get on the 2015 PBR Bucking Bull of the Year (Sweet Pro's Long John) in Decatur, TX in 2014.
What I like about WAR thus far is the constant support and appreciation I feel from the members and the President of the organization. I feel, even as a new member, that everyone from top to bottom is willing to help each other and proud to represent and be a part of this great organization.