Raymond Warren

Raymond Warrren - U.S. Army and Bull Rider

I served 5 years as an 11b under the 1st ID. I was a team leader an 240b machine gun operator and was deployed to Afghanistan to the Chowkay Valley COB Seray. During that deployment I was awarded the Purple Heart for being shot during one of our firefights to defend the valley from fighters trIn one rodeo for the ECBRA I broke two vertebrae in my back and was so stubborn still rode my second bull that same night. Since then I've been laying iron to them with my great friend Keith Marrano, who's also a veteran.aveling in to the country.  It's weird the things you miss while your gone, first it starts with steak and milk shakes and at the end it's sliced bread and a bonfire the won't give away your position. Ha-ha.
I started competing in bull riding, professionally, in 2012. Before that I was chute boss and bull fighter for a ranch/ practice pen in Connecticut, that has now moved to West Virginia. I compete in the American Professional Rodeo Association (APRA).
Not only is the president of Warriors And Rodeo, Sheri Hand Smith, involved with bettering the organization, with every stride she takes to expand it. She is in contact with all of us and she is giving us great advice. The amount of resources this group offers is seemingly endless and with the great members it serves, it's a great way to find new friends and new information from all that ride, have served, and are still serving

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