Larry "Chip" Holmes

Larry "Chip" Holmes - US Army and Bull Rider

I am a 28 year old Army veteran who was recently medically retired and continues to ride bulls. I served 6 years as an infantryman at both Fort Myer, VA (Arlington National Cemetary/Pentagon, Capitol etc) and then at Fort Bragg, NC. I started riding bulls at the age of 25 and have competed anywhere from low level jackpots to PBR touring pros. I've won two buckle series while stationed in NC and hope to continue to add many more wins/championships to my young resume (was hospitalized for over a year of the time due to sickness since starting to ride, Crohn's being one of the main causes). I'm a father to two beautiful children and currently live in AR where I recently just moved back to after my med board was finalized. Member of WAR and PAFRA for the first time this year. Have competed and won in many different organizations to include SEBRA, SRA, and ABT along with other smaller organizations to name a few.
Wreath hanging ceremony conducted by myself and my old company's color team at the Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier
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