Kenneth Royce Army. Bull Rider

Kenneth Royce - US Army and Bull Rider.
32 years old. Married with 2 daughters
  • Army 2000-current as a reservist
  • 2003 Operation Enduring Freedom Veteran
  • 91B Instructor/Writer (Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic)
  • DOD Civilian as 91B 

Royce began riding bulls later in life. He started around 2001 as an IPRA, NABA, and SRSA member. He continued to persevere through injury and life events that would try to end his bull riding career.  Whether it be on bulls, as a bull fighter, or a mentor to those who are in the military and want to start riding bulls - Royce keeps both feet in the industry. 

Royce became a member of W.A.R. in 2015. He immediately joined the staff to help the organization meet its potential. His work has been critical and necessary for the proper growth and professionalism of W.A.R.