Keith Marrano

Keith Marrano- U.S. Navy and Bull Rider
WAR Board Member and head of SGT at Arms

I joined the Navy after September 11th 2001 as a Boatswains mate. I was honored to serve on riverine patrol boats assigned as a machine gunner. I Deployed to Iraq and Kuwait under Operation Iraqi Freedom. I Deployed 2004-2005, and redeployed in 2006 which was cut short due to an injury. I was able to
 reach the rank as a Second Class Petty Officer (E-5).

In 2007 I was hired by the City of Hackensack, NJ Police Department. I began my career as a patrolman and have since reached the rank as Detective. During these years I served as a squad leader on the Departments Emergency Response Team. I was also assigned to the Juvenile, Narcotics, and Quality of Life (street crimes) divisions.

I have been riding bulls for four years now. I started riding bulls as a one time bucket list check off which after that one

day I knew it was no longer just a bucket list check. I fell in love with the sport. since then I have competed in events with the American Professional Rodeo Association, Southern Extreme Bull Riding Association, Stockyards Championship Rodeo, and local jackpots. I look forward to learning more and gaining more experience to advance my bull riding career as far as my ability allows me to.

With in the short time I have been a member of WAR I have never been apart of a group where right away you feel apart of a family. I haven't even met anyone in person (yet) and I fell like I have known 
everyone for years. Everyone in this group is a patriot and gave something for this great country and to be able to be apart of this great organization is priceless.