Jordan Lee Army NG. Bull Rider.

Jordan Lee
Currently deployed to Africa with the US Army.

In 1993 I was born.   Jordan William Lee, to my Mother Melanie Carol Lee, 19, in North
Little Rock, Arkansas. 

In 1997, I turned 4 years old. My Papaw Donnie decided to enter me in a calf riding here in Arkansas. I was scared to death but loved it all at once, I rode my calf and then went flipping over his head.   My Papaw got me started riding by always having PBR events on TV and teaching me how to ride my bouncy horse like a bull in the living room of our home. He himself was a bull rider and bronc rider in the 60's and 70's, but never took it further than a teenage thrill.

 There was a big gap in me getting to ride from 1997-2008, my parents had 4 boys , me being the oldest. It was hard to pay for 4 boys to play sports and they just couldn't afford for me to go all over riding high rodeos. I started my own lawn care business in junior high school and saved up money for my first set of bull riding gear from a pawn shop by our house.

In 2008, my younger brother, Logan's baseball coach just happened to be also be Shawn Scroggins, who was a local bull fighter, who also rode bulls in the PRCA for years. Shawn told my parents he was taking me to a bull riding clinic in Emerson, Arkansas. So I went to the clinic with Shawn. The clinic was hosted by the PRCA and instructed by PRCA Bull Rider Clint Craig. Clint taught me so much about riding bulls and about myself that day. They said I really impressed them with my potential to be a good bull rider. I was set out to be the best I could be. After the clinic was over, Clint signed an autograph sheet picture of himself and said " Jordan follow your dreams ". I framed it and hung it in my room so I could always be reminded of what I was set out to accomplish. 

I breath, eat and sleep riding bulls. I have looked up to JB Mauney, Mike Lee,  Chris Shivers, Tuff Hedeman, and Terry Don West growing up.

In 2011, I rode my first open bull in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, at the Clark county fair. My Dad decided to pay my entry fee, thinking in his mind that I would wimp out and hopefully not wanna ride. Wrong! I was bucked off my bull, but it lit a fire in me to be the best bull rider.    
In 2010, I would stay every weekend in the spring at my grandparents ranch in Rose Bud, AR and enter rodeos down in Mt Vernon, AR at a local family rodeo. I would ride one weekend and buck off the next. Then my traveling partners and I heard about a new bull riding association called NCBR in central Arkansas. So we joined and started competing at those events against fellow Arkansas bull riders; Lane Lasley, Chase Outlaw and a few others.

 In 2011, I made my first NCBR finals and couldn't compete because my free hand was freak accidentally sliced open by a bulls horn the week before when I reached for my tail to jump off. So I helped my buddies at NCBR finals. I came back two months later fully recovered from my free hand injury. I was entered in Conway, AR at a Desalvo Super 7 Series bull riding. I had drawn a bull I looked at earlier that day and wanted because i had never seen him. Wasn't what I expected, he was trash and hipped himself on the buckin chutes throwing me under him and two hoofed me in my gut. I spent the night in the hospital wishing I would have took my re-ride, even though I couldn't feel my legs. I spent the rest of the next few months off.
  I joined the Arkansas Army National Guard March 9th, 2012. I had no intention of quiting
riding bulls. I spent four months in basic training. Came home and went right back to riding bulls. I have had drill training with my national guard unit once a month and two weeks every summer for the last 5 years. My unit is understanding of my bull riding career.
This year I bought my PRCA permit and have made 3 PRCA rodeos in between riding local Arkansas Associated Rodeos, and bull jams all over the country. I have had a very consistent last 3 years riding bulls and I'm tied for 2nd place overall in the CRSA Arkansas Rodeo Association I'm in. Two rodeos left before finals. Looking to win the overall championship, and the average at finals this year.
  In 2017 will be my last year with the Army National Guard. I am being deployed for 9 months to Africa for an annual rotation. I will be on my drop barrel practicing and staying lean and light during my down time on the base in Africa. When I come home,I will be back to riding bulls full time and my plans are to buy my PBR permit, and renew my PRCA permit and start working my way up the standings to the PRCA Wrangler NFR and the PBR World Finals. Going to make a career riding bulls, Lord willing. I will be the World's Champion bull rider Lord willing . Becuase with the Lord all things are possible and the Lord said " You have not, because you ask not".