Garrett Ryals US Army and Bull Fighter

Garrett Ryals

I'm 24 and from a small town Dardanelle, Arkansas. I started riding calves at the age of 4, working my way up to roping steers and Junior Bulls. Once I got into high school all it was was rodeos and high school sports. In May of 2010 just weeks after graduating, I joined the Army. I wanted to do something for myself, my family and my country. The only Mos that I was interested in was infantry, so I was off. Went down to Ft Benning, Georgia in the hottest of summer suns I've ever been under for basic training. 

Got orders for Ft Bragg North Carolina. Where I was stationed with, deployed and grew strong bonds with the soldiers there at Bravo Co 2-325th Airborne Infantry Regiment. We all have stories, I just want to recognize Carl Hall and David E. Hickman for not coming back when we all did. 

In the Army it was hard to rodeo, and work at the same time. But I did every chance I got. I rode mainly SEBRA, SRA, and PBR TPD. Couple years in and after 19 jumps, I finally had a bad one. It was a full combat jump, full packing lists, ruck and rifle. I knew I had landed hard, something didn't feel quite right, wasn't in a lot of pain just numb. Days after, laying in bed my squad leader told me I had broken my L-4 and L-5 vertebrae, being 21-22 years old and hearing you broke your back is devastating. I was too scared for surgery, so therapy, exercise and time was all it was. 

February 2014, I was Medically discharged from the Army, there then I exercised harder than ever, prayed harder than ever, and trained. I rode again, and again, and I was able to keep my body in shape. I was chasing my dreams all the way from North Carolina to California. I was good at riding Bulls, but my back was always not quite right. 

After really finding my true happiness with my amazing woman, I hung up the rope. I found my true calling, fighting bulls. I stepped in at a practice pen and it came easy, way too easy. I had always been athletic, but this is why! I protect guys from evil, this is the way the Lord works through me. After going to some small open shows, people started talking, I starting getting people's attention. Guys (retired rodeo) started coming up to me asking where I'd been, I'd tell them I was just starting to get serious. They would say you need to, you have the talent to go to the top, you don't hear that very much so I promised them and myself I was going to do everything possible to get to the top. I started fighting for NCBR, CRRA, and soon to have pro cards. 

I'm just using my talent that God gave me to protect guys so they can ride again.

I just want to thank everyone at WAR for this opportunity, not only for me but for all of us. And I can't wait, to be representing WARRIORS AND RODEO when I go down to Dekalb Texas and win my first big freestyle event and possibly open a door to get a shot with Bull Fighters Only.

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