Evan Braud

Evan Braud - U.S. Marine and Bull Rider

My service to America was interesting to say the least. I served active as a U. S. Marine from 2011 to 2015 as a motor transport mechanic with 1st Battalion 10th marines as well as I sereved and was deployed as a part of BLT 1/6 in 2014.

In 2014 I was forward deployed apart of the BLT 1/6 for the 22 MEU, we were little more than half way finished with the deployment and then things began to change for the worst. I was going through some serious personal struggles at the time from back home and out their as well, not to mention it was summer time in Kuwait so we lived in an oven, but all of sudden one night my life changed, I had randomly noticed that I needed Doc and then a few seconds later went in to annphilactic shock. I was rushed to medical and the next evening I was medevac to Qatar then to Germany where things went further south for me health wise. A week later I was pulled from Germany and sent to Bathesda,MD to the Naval hospital where I was a member of the Wounded Warrior Battalion. From this point on however was the upside for me, I was getting well and eventually returned to my home unit to finish up my time because I couldn't reenlist as well as my status changed from active to Wounded Warrior alumni and all of it due to some type of chemical exposure just from being their doing what we were doing, but if had to do it again I'd say "gladly". I walk with a bit of a limp now and have some slight memory issues but nothing too strenuous. I can still be a father, a husband and bull rider and that's worth it to me.
Like most, I started as a kid with a dream of being a bull rider. I was here and there as I got older then
I came back to it once I joined the Marine Corps. I'm ready to move forward and hopefully make riding a career as long as I can; as far as my involvement in rodeo. I loved working the farm down the road from home when ever I could, even after my riding days are done I hope to be a successful contractor so I can give back to the sport, people, and environment that I love an that has done so much for me.

I don't really have any stories that stand out to much, seeing as how its always the same chaos every event and the work around the ground doesn't really stray to far; but I do have one short one. I went out to ride a practice pen the night before I deployed, I bucked off my first, covered my second and got a concussion on my third. Next thing I remember was getting home, taken a 45 minute nap, then I was at work confused, smoking a cigarette, and getting on a bus to take us to a ship so we could leave.