Danial Blair Army. Bull Rider

Daniel Blair - US Army and Bull Rider
Currently deployed in Italy.
My name is Daniel Blair. I was born into a military family. For the first six years of my life I traveled with my dad to different countries and states with his Army career. When my father got out we settled into his hometown of Opp, Alabama. As a young teenager I already knew that I wanted to serve my country in the military. Shortly after my seventeenth birthday I enlisted in the United States Army as a Unit Supply Specialist and upon enlistment was afforded the opportunity to go to the coveted Airborne School to become a paratrooper. After a year of training I was stationed to Fort Bragg, NC. As a young country boy living in a place where I knew nobody, I started my search for friends. I quickly became friends with a group of bull riders. They took me under their wing and began to teach me how to rodeo. This was to become the beginning of my bull riding career. I quickly got wrapped up in the life. I was riding as many bulls as I could at practice pens. I soon started to travel to sanctioned events. My first season I took seventh place in the National Junior Bull Riding Association for the senior division. This is my second season and have joined the Southern Rodeo Association and plan to join the American Bullriders Tour. I've ridden in large events such as the World's Toughest Rodeo and continue to go to different jackpots in several states. I plan to continue pushing forward and compete as much as possible.