J.D. Ingham Army. Law Enforcement. Bull Rider

J.D. Ingham

MP in the MN Army National Guard, Correctional Officer for the Rice County Sheriff's Department

I started riding bulls at the age of 14. I ride in the Minnesota Rodeo Association, some in the NFPB, a couple of smaller circuits, and I'm looking to expand. I've been a bullfighter for the last 8 years also, and have attended the Gary Leffew school for Bull Riding, and the Rob Smets school for fighting bulls. I live for rodeo!

I deployed to Iraq in 2009, with the 34th Infantry Division. While In Iraq, I was on the PSD team for our Division Generals, and I spent a week as PSD for General Petraeus. I also was on the PSD team for Randy Houser, Jamey Johnson, and Kellie
Pickler during their USO tour.
In 2013, I got entered in the World's Toughest Rodeo, on the third anniversary of my return from my Deployment. After my Ride, the whole building of 18,000 fans were on their feet, because the Announcer told them I was an Iraq Vet and it was the Anniversary of my homecoming! It was by far the best homecoming I could have ever gotten!

W.A.R., to me, is a family that I am honored to be a part of! I have waited YEARS for something like this to come along! It is everything we, as vets, represent; honor, patriotism, all of our values, and they incorporate that into the sport we all love! Just like in uniform, we are here to support, and motivate, and connect our fellow vets and rodeo competitors, and reach out to all those in need!