Total Feeds Reaches out to Those who Serve

In June, 2016, Total Feeds owner Dr. Harry Anderson began his corporate relationship with Warriors and Rodeo.  Total Feeds' product, Total People Plus has been used by top people in the rodeo industry to include J.B. Mauney, Mike Lee, Fallon Taylor, Cody Ohl, and others. Dr. Anderson had hopes it might also benefit those in our organization that deal with the effects of PTSD, depression, etc.  Many of our members use Total People Plus and have found great results. We appreciate Total Feeds and Dr. Anderson joining both missions of WAR Operation Not on my Watch and Operation Not Forgotten.


Dr. Harry Anderson has over 42 years of experience formulating animal rations with the best ingredients.  The focus has been on optimum health and performance through excellent nutrition.  For over three decades it's Total Feeds goal to find the best ingredients and make feeds and supplements that enhance the total health and performance of any animal, at any stage of their life.

Total Feeds Total People Plus

Total People Plus™ is a multivitamin / mineral pack designed with Total Feed's own proprietary formula to give your body all the help it needs to perform at its maximum potential.

Safe, effective, and easy to take it can help improve your daily routine regardless of your activity.

PTSD - Post Tramatic Stress Disorder, depression, nightmares, anxiety, loneliness, seclusion, anger.

TPP seems to be helping with some symptoms. Numerous members have said it helps with clarity and energy - which helps with their memory issues. Anger and frustration seems to be less as TPP does bring a calmness. Where their mind was foggy before, it is clearer now. It was reported that one member who has extreme depression and sadness had a decrease in those and felt all around better when she took it. 

We've had bull riders, team ropers, barrel racer try it - veterans, combat veterans, and law enforcement members. 

I work with these members every day and can say that if TPP helps with clarity and concentration that is a huge 1st step. Some say it helps with calmness, we have many members who suffer with anger issues. Some don’t sleep much. Some lash out at work, college, and at home. My hope is that TPP will help them deal with the issues of life that many of us don’t struggle with.

Many who have served in combat don’t want to admit they have PTSD. One member who has been on three months of TPP says they don’t have PTSD. Although I believe he is in denial. He loves the product and says he would like to stay on it. He said it helps him recover much faster for his bull riding. His doctor was amazed at how quickly his broken foot healed. 4 a day and wants to continue.

I’ve shared a few bios with you if you need info to share on our members.

I’d like to send it to three specific members who struggle with PTSD. Michael Hall is also a purple heart recipient who is severely burned from an explosive. When I told him about TPP he asked me if he could try it. He won’t take the meds from the VA. He is diagnosed with the following - TBI, Anxiety Disorder, PTSD, burns from an IED explosion. He is a board member for Warriors and Rodeo. He feels he will be a good candidate for a study to see the effects of TPP on someone who has been diagnosed with many common conditions that are a result of war and isn’t currently taking anything.  He doesn't take any pills at all at this time.  He had tried Zoloft and other meds and make him feel terrible.  He has become a board member. He would like to try Total People Plus. He  

I received a supply of Total People Plus via a donation from Dr. Anderson and Total feeds via a donation from an organization called Warriors and Rodeo. As a bull rider, Father and Marine Corps veteran I am constantly on the road and constantly living a hard and fast life. Total people plus has helped with keeping me energized in a natural way instead of relying on energy supplements. Total ppl plus has also helped cut my recovery time down after a long and rough summer run on the rodeo trail. While taking total ppl plus I have noticed that my mind does not wander and it's easier to concentrate and stay on a task until it's complete. 

              BULL RIDER
              USMC VET

  • PTSD symptom of foggy thinking - TPP seems to help with clarity
  • Depression - TPP gives more energy which helps members be more productive
  • Sadness - TPP has helped one member, "I'm not as sad. It seems to help me with that."
  • Isolation - some members felt calmer and was able to go into more public places and not deal with as much anxiety.
Members say they take an average of four a day and all say they would continue the supplement program.


I just received this testimony in an email. I just copy and pasted it, no editing.  This member has some of the worst PTSD in our organization. I'm thrilled to hear of his positive effects. I'm working on getting him some special therapy to teach him to handle his PTSD.

Another veteran:

Total people plus has helped with the energy above all else. 

Helped me with not so much if anxiety. Brought it down a bit to wear I could handle it. And not have to rely on my anxiety medication 

But had also helped me feel better, physically, from riding I was getting pretty sore. But it tended to go away faster after I started taking the total people plus. 
Mike Lee uses this product daily - 5 pills a day. He states that he has more energy than he has in years. His clarity and calmness are improved also.

Mike has made Total People Plus part of his daily regiment.  

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