Bill McRoberts WAR Service Member

I grew up in Pendleton which is located in North Eastern Oregon. Pendleton is famously known as the round-up city. So I had a lot of cowboy influence. I use to rodeo, did lots of ranch and farm work growing up.  Spent 23 year in the military and in my travels was even able to continue to rodeo throughout Europe and Alaska. Did a lot of art work when I was growing up to include some saddle making which is still one of the most beautiful pieces of art there is to me. I made everything from signs for people to painting advertisements on baseball outfield fences.  I have always had a deep passion for creating. I have pen and ink drawings, some oil paintings and lots of just pencil drawings. I have done wood carvings. One of my favorite projects I did was when I was teaching at West Virginia University. I was honored with refurbishing an old WWII Honor Roll. I, along with a neighbor who was a WWII vet, completely renovated it with new name plates and my hand carved Eagle.

I was stationed in Alaska, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Germany. Taught military science at West Virginia University for 3 years.  Was with Pershing units in Germany. Primary MOS was mechanized infantry 11M. Mater gunner and master fitness trainer. Retired with 1st CAV Division at Ft Hood, Tx.  Feb 2000. I work with veterans with every opportunity I can and honor them with my military digital art collages and story pieces. Professional wildlife photographer specializing in Bald Eagles and Bears. Work with American Bald Eagle Foundation as the primary photographer, capturing wounded birds and creating programs.

Bill McRoberts has donated numerous pieces of art to WAR. Here are just a few: