WAR Kids/Youth

We want to make a difference in the lives of America's youth!

Respect, thankfulness, and honor are traits that are taught and WAR wants to help in this important job!

Have your children or grandchildren become members of Warriors and Rodeo.  Wearing our logo is something special as it represents 100's of thousands who are willing to die for their freedom.  Have them complete the projects below to become part of the official!

If your parents are members of WAR - your membership is half off.

Warriors and Rodeo Youth

Thank you for joining the Warriors And Rodeo Youth Team. We are so excited that you have decided to 

join our team to support our Warriors And Rodeo Service Members and other American heroes.  We 

look forward to making a difference in America, with your help.  

Your application has been reviewed by Sheri Smith, President of Warriors And Rodeo, and your 

application has been accepted to join the WAR Youth Team.  

We will be sending you a member’s packet within the next two weeks, to your address, given in the 

WAR Youth Team Member form.  

Thank you! 

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