Warriors and Rodeo Patriot Week Supporter Info

Third Annual Warriors and Rodeo Patriot Week
Decatur Texas
May 28 - June 3, 2018

"It takes an Army" to run Warriors and Rodeo and we couldn't do it without the generous donations of our supporters.

WE NEED YOU to donate today to help us complete our missions.

Ways to be involved:
  • specific clinics
  • donate for the entire week
  • become a partner for the WAR Team Roping Clinic
  • and / or become a regular supporter of Warriors and Rodeo
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Team Roping Clinic Supporter Form - click here

Join our mission to provide an incredible week to say thank you for your service to those attending Warriors and Rodeo Patriot Week. Donate Today!

Help provide travel and lodging for our American Heroes. Donate below.

Details to apply for the Warriors and Rodeo Patriot Week Clinic

Warriors and Rodeo is providing the opportunity for civilians to participate in an NRS roping clinic for the 2018 retreat. We ask you consider donating to help make this clinic a complete success!
We are raising money to provide a first class team roping clinic for our military and first responders.

If you would like to attend the clinic and rope along side our members, please fill out the application and we will contact you within 48 hours to discuss the details.

There will be a one to one ratio - one WAR participant to one civilian. 

If you know someone who has served or is currently serving that would enjoy a refreshing time at a NRS clinic please have them join ASAP at this link. Then, if you would like, pay for them and you to attend the clinic.

(this page is under construction. Feel free to donate today and check back often for more info and details)

Donate here : https://warriorsandrodeostore.com/products/donate

or here:

Consider donating monthly! We appreciate your continued support!

Monthly Donation

Donate here to help us purchase gear in Operation Armor

Give a monetary donation or product donation for the following areas:
    • vests
    • helmets
    • chaps
    • ropes
    • cowboy boots
    • saddles
    • gloves
    • hats
    • spurs
    • administrative needs - stickers, WAR products for members, fees, etc.
    • shirts
    • pants
    • saddle pads
    • or other necessary items for the WAR member's rodeo profession
You can ear mark your donation for a certain product.

We also want those who serve to have opportunities to participate in fun, encouraging, and uplifting events. WAR has some projects in the works for 2018. If all goes well we will be doing a donated white water rafting trip, hunting trips, rodeo schools, fishing trips, and more.  

Companies can give back to those who serve in ways that are unique to their company.
  • Donate monetarily 
  • Donate an item for our store or silent auction to raise money for the organization. 
  • Become a corporate sponsor of Warriors And Rodeo. Give product or financial donations on a regular basis.  The benefits include social media posts, ad on website, and more.
  • Volunteer!  Want to give some of your time to help the organization? We have a spot for you!  Contact Sheri Smith war@warriorsandrodeo.org
We'd love to see Warriors And Rodeo on sets of chaps for our riders!  What about boots, hats, and other items!  If you have a product and you want to make something with our logo or name - let's do it! Contact Sheri Smith and give her your idea. Then from there make your product and chose to either have it given to a member or to be put in a silent auction to raise money!



Exclusiveness for a corporate sponsor.

Warriors And Rodeo “W.A.R” has many rodeo athletes that compete all over the country. W.A.R also has many members who are not competitive yet enjoy the ranch & rodeo lifestyle and find a common bond with those who do compete.

Our members have served or serving in the professions below:
Air Force
Marine Corps
Law Enforcement Officer
Fire Fighters

Every single day these Warriors & Heroes join together to protect you from a broad spectrum of threats; seen and unseen, foreign & domestic and real & potential threats on our soil.

Warriors And Rodeo brings you a team of people who cover all aspects of America's protection. Now, W.A.R asks you to do the same. We want to see companies come together and work to protect and serve those who live by the same standard of team work.
While one company may want to have exclusive rights to donate their product to W.A.R we feel that it is not what is best for our members. Warriors And Rodeo's goal is to give back to those who will give it all. To do that it will take a team of companies that will put aside their own marketing ambitions and join forces to "armor up" those who wear the real armor to protect you.

Teamwork is required by our members who protect America. W.A.R asks no less of the companies who want to protect the members of Warriors And Rodeo.

Thank you for being involved with this amazing organization. We truly appreciate you.

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