WAR Patriot Week Decatur TX 2018

Schedule (will be updated regularily so check back often)

May 28 – 29 Monday / Tuesday

  • Fit-N-Wise Sports Medicine 7-10 am, optional
  • Tie-Down Roping Clinic at Cooper Arena. Instructor – Clif Cooper. 1 pm. 

May 30 – 31 Wednesday / Thursday

  • Fit-N-Wise Sports Medicine 7-8 am, optional
  • Bull Riding Clinic Wise County Cowboy Church. Instructors – Bobby Roberds, Jeff Tackett, rotating pros Mike Lee, Cord McCoy (more to be announced)
  • Bull Fighting Clinic Wise County Cowboy Church. Instructor – Shorty Gorham
  • Team Roping Clinic at NRS. Instructors – Sonny Miller, Justin Parish, Jason Hughes. rotating pros Trey Johnson (more to be announced)
  • Thursday night 1000 Miles till Home Banquet featuring Warriors and Rodeo

June 1 Friday
  • Fit-N-Wise Sports Medicine 7-8 am, optional
  • Steer Wrestling Clinic at KC Jones Arena. Instructor – KC Jones
  • Saddle Bronc/Bare Back Clinic Wise County Cowboy Church. Instructors – Wes Ward, rotating pro Cord McCoy (more to be announced)
  • Warriors and Rodeo booth at Wise County Fair Grounds

June 2 Saturday
  • Warriors and Rodeo booth at Wise County Fair Grounds
  • Warriors and Rodeo Muttin’ Bustin’ & Dummy Roping Contests
  • PBR Velocity Event – Warriors and Rodeo 2 bull riders exhibition ride with 3 of our bull fighters fighting for them

June 3 Sunday  Church Service at Wise County Cowboy Church

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WAR Patriot Week activities!

Who can attend WAR Patriot Week?
You must be registered with Warriors and Rodeo. Acceptance to the events of WAR Patriot week will depend on the following?
  • registration with Warriors and Rodeo
  • military & first responder
  • if you have joined WAR after March 1, 2018 we will call for a phone interview.
  • click here to register or renew
  • if already registered, must have renewal in by May 15, 2018
What about my wife/girlfriend/husband?  The clinics are only for the person who has served. At this time Warriors and Rodeo is not large enough or have enough staff to run our programs for spouses and children, although it is on our radar and hope to expand in the future as we get more volunteers. Please have your spouse sign up as a volunteer for the clinic you are attending. They can help with the WAR table set up at each clinic, help with drinks, photography, videos, and social media. We need volunteers for these clinics to be a success. This does not include the team roping clinic. They can sign up as a sponsor and attend. 

What about my children, can they attend? While Warriors and Rodeo promotes family time and bonding. We have many who struggle and need this time to escape the worries and stress of life. PTSD can manifest in many ways and we want to make sure they are in a place and around people who can handle that and understand. If for some reason you cannot make other arrangements or have other circumstances you can contact Sheri Smith and discuss it personally.
Children WILL NOT PARTICIPATE in the clinics if they are allowed to attend with a parent. We hope to have family clinics and retreats in the coming years that will be for them and the parents. WAR is already in talks with an association that can help us make that happen soon.
Children WILL NOT ATTEND THE BANQUET. It is open bar and we ask only those over 18 attend. There will be a sign up sheet for this banquet.
Contact Sheri via phone to discuss your children attending with you. Her children will be there but will follow all the rules of any other children attending and in fact they will be volunteering most of the week helping with product, sign up, booths, communication, and being the right arm of the president. If your children come we ask you to get them involved in helping.

When will barrel racing and other events be added? We started WAR Patriot Week in 2016 with a one day bull riding clinic with PBR World Champion Mike Lee. WAR was honored and featured at the PBR Velocity WC Challenger event that included two WAR bull riders riding at half time.

2017 WAR expanded with a two day bull riding and bull fighting clinic, due to our awesome partnership with Wise County Cowboy Church. This second year we also added a WAR Tie Down clinic with Clif Cooper at the Cooper Arena. WAR also added the banquet attendance at the 1000 Miles till Home banquet. PBR Velocity WC Challenger honored our organization as well as invited two WAR bull riders to ride in the intermission.

2018 WAR is expanding to include a two day team roping clinic, one day steer wrestling, one day saddle bronc / bareback clinic and three bull fighters fighting while our two bull riders are in the half time show. WAR has looked into barrels on Tuesday but had to cancel the registration due to the small number of possible students.

2019 WAR plans to expand the clinics to include barrel racing and other timed events.

2019 WAR hopes to expand to include a second week - a family retreat at NRS that will have clinics for the entire family! This will be in the fall.


Warriors and Rodeo Patriot Week

Monday: Day One

  • Fit N Wise Sports Medicine team available to the clinic attendees. Must set up appointment with WAR to attend.
  • Warriors and Rodeo Tie-Down Roping Clinic hosted by Clif Cooper at the Cooper Arena in Decatur, TX begins at 1pm sharp. Please arrive 10 minutes early. There will be no horses at this clinic, it is entirely ground work. Clif Cooper did an outstanding job in 2017 with our organization and we are honored to partner with him again this year.
  • We ask you consider staying at the NRS Ranch for your stay during Patriot Week. Warriors and Rodeo has partnered with NRS as we expand our mission in bringing team roping to this years retreat.
  • Monday night dinner isn’t scheduled so feel free to meet up with local WAR members in town.

Tuesday: Day Two

  • Sign-up for more of Fit-N-Wise Sports Medicine until 10am
  • 1 pm Warriors and Rodeo Tie Down Clinic - instructor Clif Cooper at Cooper Arena
  • Tuesday night all hands will check-in at the NRS Ranch at 7pm for dinner followed by WAR Games! Teams will be split by event and clinic instructors can participate. (tentative)
  • Plan on staying at the ranch that night in one of their rooms. Reservations can be made via the NRS website. Details will be provided after registration is approved.

Wednesday: Day Three times to be announced MORE DETAILS TO COME

  • Fit N Wise Sports Medicine 6 - 7:30 am (tentative times)
  • Breakfast NRS 8 am (tentative times)
  • Warriors and Rodeo Bull Riding & Bull Fighting clinics at Wise County Cowboy Church. This is our second year partnering with WCCC to bring a bullriding/fighting clinic to honor those who serve. This year WCCC has their own bull pen. The mornings will consist of chute procedure and ground work followed by lunch. After lunch you'll get on the bulls and fine-tune your bull riding/fighting and work out any problem areas you may be trying to overcome. This year there will be rotating pros that will come in to work with our attendees on a more individual/small group basis. Mike Lee, Cord McCoy  and more will be coming through.
  • Shorty Gorham will be our instructor for the bullfighting clinic this year. It will be ground work in the morning and then putting your skill into acting when our bull riders are riding. This is a great opportunity to work with one of the best ever in the industry and also make sure our bull riders go home healthy. 
  • Warriors and Rodeo Team Roping Clinic at NRS. WAR is partnering with NRS this year to add a team roping clinic to our 3rd Annual Patriot Week. WAR has made the decision to rent the covered arena. We feel this is in the best interest of those who attend, in protecting their horses from the typical spring rains that time of year in Decatur. This year we are doing a Partnership Clinic. This means that WAR will be signing up civilians to partner with our organization and paying for themself and a WAR member to attend a clinic. The cost will be $150 per person for the clinic and will be payed in full by the sponsor.  If you know someone who would like to attend the clinic with you please have them click here to donate $300 and sign up.  This will help us pay for the cost of this clinic. 
  • Wednesday night more WAR games and music. 

Thursday: Day Four

  • same schedule as above for clinics
  • 1000 Miles Till Home Banquet. Must be over 18 to attend. Warriors and Rodeo will be featured at this banquet as well as receiving a donation from them this year. Come dressed in your WAR shirt and ready to represent. This is part of the WC Challenger PBR event. They have done so much for our organization and we want a solid group there to show how much we appreciate them.

Friday: Day Five

  • Warriors and Rodeo Saddle Bronc / Bare Back Clinics hosted by Wise County Cowboy Church. Come learn the basics and have some fun with Wes Ward, Cord McCoy and others.
  • Warriors and Rodeo Steer Wrestling Clinic with KC Jones at his arena.
  • Help out at the WC Challenger PBR arena with the WAR booth! We need you to help set up and promote this organiztion. Help us raise the money to put on these clinics!
  • Friday night is being planned at this time and is looking great! More scheduling to come.

Saturday: Day Six

  • Come early to help man the Warriors and Rodeo booth.
  • Warriors and Rodeo Muttin Bustin - this is completely run by our organization this year! Last year was a blast seeing our men run this event like an important mission. 
  • WAR has added a dummy roping clinic this year to help raise money for WAR.  We will need you ropers out there to show them how it is done and help make it an awesome addition to the event! 
  • PBR WC Challenger Event that night. Sign up to be part of the opening ceremonies, half time veteran house give away, and to cheer on our bull riders and bull fighters who are featured!  Free tickets for you immediate family - we get a section for ourselves so lets all sit together and show our support to those who support us.

Sunday: Day Seven

  • We are invited to attend church with our supporters at Wise County Cowboy Church. Clyde and Elsie Frost will be sharing about Lane Frost's life. Last year they baptised a WAR member during the service.

We are hoping all of Warriors and Rodeo will stay at the NRS Ranch. Click here to make your reservation. If you need to share a room with someone from WAR, let us know so we can help place you! http://nrsranch.com/nrs-guest-ranch/

Fit-N-Wise Rehabilitation and Performance Center
Main Location609 Medical Center Drive, #200
Decatur, Texas 76234

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