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ACTRA Finals Reno, NV.  https://www.actra.org/ Oct 22-28, 2017

PAFRA Finals Topeka, KS http://www.rodeopafra.com/ Oct. 26-28, 2017

WSPBR Finals Bordertown Casino, OK  https://wspbr.com/ Nov. 10-11, 2017

PBR Finals Las Vegas, NV

NFR Las Vegas, NV


WAR featured at the Jimmy Blythe Band concert - Black Saddle Saloon Aug 28, 2017. 
https://www.facebook.com/BlackSaddleSaloon/  https://www.facebook.com/JimmyBlytheBand/

WAR/OARS White Water Rafting Trip Aug 28-31, 2017

WAR Grand Junction PBR and Mesa County Fair -  7/25-29/2017WAR is teaming up with the VA in Grand Junction, the American Legion, and Base Camp 40 to provide info and support to the Grand Junction, CO area. long. http://mesacountyfair.com/
WAR Event Application:

The Patriot Feb 21-25

PBR Decatur, TX May 30-June 4 Update - was an incredible success thanks to so many businesses and volunteers.

BFI and Heel-o-Matic event June 2017. More details coming.

ACTRA Team Roping Finals Oct 22-28
Wrangler/ Professional's Choice ACTRA National Finals
October 22-28, 2017
Reno, Nevada
Sunday, October 22nd 
Rope @ 8am
#10 ½ Handicap…(10 ½ Even)..4/ $75
Mixed Handicap…(#8 Even)…..4/ $75
Monday, October 23rd
Rope @ 8am
#8 ½..………...….……………...4/ $75
Earl Hall Scholarship Roping ....3/$60
(Pick 1 Draw 2, Enter 2 times, #8 Even)
Tuesday, October 24th
Rope @ 8am
Century Handicap (8 Even, #5 ½ Incentive)..4/$75
Director/Sponsor/Arena Operator…...…3/$40
(Pick 1 Draw 1, Enter 2 times, #8 Even)
Wednesday, October 25th
 Rope @ 8am
Wrangler Patriot Super #7.……..5/$100
(Handicap Down, 7 Even)
Thursday, October 26th
Rope @ 8am
#5 ½ …………..……..…………..4/$75
Friday, September 27th
Rope @ 8am
Saturday, September 28th
Rope @ 8am

PBR Finals
PAFRA Finals
WSPBR Finals


PBR Grand Junction, Colorado
July 12 – 16, 2016
Mesa County Fairgrounds
Contact info: Sheri Smith 417-342-5842 PBR Certified Sports Agent, Owner SmithPRO LLC, President & Founder of Warriors And Rodeo, Navy Veteran.

July 12 – 16:
·       Warriors And Rodeo/PBR Rocky Mountain Bull Bash Tour Battle of the Branches booth at fair. Members of all branches will be at the booth during different times. Autograph signings, photo ops, interactive items for kids, and more.

July 14 Warriors And Rodeo Non-Profit Dinner and Luke Kaufman Benefit Concert:

·       6 – 8 PM  VFW 1404 Ute Ave. Grand Junction  Private party for all who have served our country (military, EMS, FF, LE), as well as PBR and city dignitaries – and family.  Pot Luck – bring a dish to pass. VFW has a bar for drinks. This is a time to fellowship, getting to know each other in the community and have fun. Fun door prizes. Short speech by Sheri Smith. Please invite those who you know should be there. RSVP if possible to smith@smithprollc.com RSVP isn’t required but requested.

·       8 PM Luke Kaufman Benefit Concert. The concert is free to all military, LE, EMS, and FF and spouses, with proof of service  $15 per ticket for civilians.

July 15:

·       5 PM Volunteers and participants of PBR event arrive for practice and set up.

·       7 PM Professional Bull Riders Rocky Mountain Bull Bash Tour Battle of the Branches. Opening ceremonies will include all branches. Half time show is an obstacle course for all the branches. The fans will also be divided into branches for a cheering competition. The PBR bull riders will be divided into teams to reflect the branches. All will be receiving points and the winning branch will receive prizes and a trophy.
o   WAR members will also be competing in the PBR bull riding event.

·       9 PM PBR After Party. Luke Kaufman Music 9-12 PM. VFW Grand Junction.

Format of event:

This year PBR Grand Junction Rocky Mountain Bull Bash Tour is teaming up with SmithPRO LLC and Warriors And Rodeo to bring a completely new and exciting format to this event. All three organizations understand the state of our country and the importance of honoring those who put their life on the line for our freedom and safety, not just overseas in battle but also here at home. The battle is real and we need to go beyond the extra mile to honor and give back to these heroes.  Judd Mortensen is doing just that by teaming up with Sheri Smith and Warriors And Rodeo. From July 12 -16 they will be featuring all who serve our country via their booth at the fair, a dinner and benefit concert, and PBR event and after party. 

Warriors And Rodeo, WAR– 501C3 non-profit honoring those who serve in the military, EMS, fire fighter, and law enforcement. WAR has three missions: Operation Not on my Watch - WAR against suicide, PTSD, depression, loneliness, etc. Operation Armor – raise money to provide rodeo protective gear for those who protect us out of the arena. Operation Gratitude – work with citizens, businesses, and organizations to find ways they can show their gratitude to those who serve.  Many of the members currently compete in ranch and rodeo events while other members have long retired. Other members want to get more involved in the rodeo industry. The only requirement to become an affiliate is that they serve our country.  www.warriorandrodeo.org

·       Opening Ceremonies will include all branches – Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, EMS, Fire Fighters, Law Enforcement. A special tribute will be given to all who serve and those who come home “Under the Flag”. A moment of silence will be done to honor those fallen and a tribute to the law enforcement in Dallas.

·       *    PBR Bull Riders will be divided into the branches to earn points toward the over-all winning branch.

·       *     Half time show obstacle course will include actual members of those branches along with one PBR bull rider. They will do obstacles across the arena. Points will be given for each team according to their place in the event.

·       *     The bleachers will be divided into the different branches and will have numerous cheering contests to also earn points towards the final score.


Army, Army National Guard, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire Fighters.

Other information:
·       www.warriorsandrodeo.org
·       www.smithprollc.com
·       http://www.pbr.com/ 

·       Judd Mortensen Rocky Mountain Bull Bash Tour

·       Sheri Smith, PBR sports agent, PBR Grand Junction, Navy Veteran, Founder & President of Warriors And Rodeo 417-342-5842 smith@smithprollc.com

·       Facebook:
·       Instagram:
·       Twitter:

ACTRA - American Cowboy Team Roping Association
WAR is thankful to have been featured by ACTRA at the 2016 finals held in Reno, NV Oct 2016.