Under the Flag

Many come home "Under the Flag".  

Warriors and Rodeo purchases banners that are taken to events around the country.  People are allowed to write the name of someone who has fallen in the line of duty, on that banner.

Those banners will then be displayed at Warriors and Rodeo events through out the years to remember and honor our deceased heroes.

Below we are starting a

Wall of Honor

of those who have died in the line of duty.

If you would like someone added, please contact war@warriorsandrodeo.org

This is a page we are going to honor those 
who died in the line of duty.  

Post on Facebook Aug. 2017 by Jesse Strait. Marine Corps Veteran. Team Roper.
Got a call earlier that a buddy from North Carolina lost the battle with his demons.. completely unexpected. Please pray for his family, and please remember that you never know what someone is fighting inside, regardless of what they show you on the surface.. rest in peace my friend..
#22aday #igotyour6 #igy6 #veteransuicideawareness #22toomany#gonebutnotforgotten #warriorsnrodeo #suicidehelp #dosomething

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