Justin Bowie

Justin Bowie 

Justin Bowie- Marine Corps, Football Player, Bull Rider, Bull Fighter
WAR Bull Fighting Team Leader

I enlisted in the Marine Corps as a 0331 Machine Gunner/ 0612 Field Wireman in Nov 2002.

I was stationed with the 3rd Battalion 5th Marine out in Camp Pendleton California.
My first deployment was in 2004-2005 in Fallujah, Iraq where we participated in Operation
Phantom Fury. My second deployment was in Jan 2006 back to the city of Fallujah on 21 May
of 2006. I was severely injured by an IED. I was MEDEVAC to Landstuhl, Germany than back
to Camp Pendleton, CA. After my healing process was over I was Honorably Discharge from the Marine Corps. In 2008 I tried to enlist back in the Marine Corps but could not Enlist due to my injuries.  After trying several times with the Marine Corps I enlisted in the Arkansas National Guard as a 11B I was with Delta CO. 1/153rd and I've done one tour with the National Guard in AlAsad, Iraq for convoy security. 

I rode bulls for 5 years and now I am fighting bulls as a cowboy protection & freestyle bull.  I'm also the Defensive Tackle & End with the Raging Ducks and at  the Arkansas Wolverines.

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