Decatur TX Event

Warriors and Rodeo
Decatur, TX May 30-June 4, 2017
schedule at the bottom of page


(we require registration with WAR to prevent fraud)
for questions call Sheri Smith, President of WAR 417-342-5842

If you plan on attending please fill out the following form and we will contact you.


Tentative Schedule (details will be added as we receive them. Check back often and be spontaneous - you never know what opportunities will open when we are there!)
PBR Decatur, TX May 30-June 4

May 30 Tues - dinner and meetings. WAR staff will be arriving on Tues evening. We'll be sorting out the Wrangler shirts and getting final details worked out. We'd love to meet with you so if you're in town be sure to text Sheri at 417-342-5842 or Derek Blue at 254-383-4196.  This is not mandatory.

May 31 Wed
  • Fit N Wise Sports Medicine clinics. We will be meeting at 8:45am for check-in with WAR . Fit N Wise sports medicine team will be working with our clinic attendees on sports medicine, work out routine, and any questions they may have about injuries and rodeo.  This will last about one hour.  After the bull fighters will head over to the Wise County Cowboy Church for some video and stretches.  They will decide themselves if they want to grab lunch on the way.  
  • WAR Mike Lee bull riding clinic  1-5 or 6pm Wise County Cowboy Church. Please arrive no later than 12:45pm
  • WAR Bull Fighting Clinic Wise County Cowboy Church after Fit N Wise. read above
  • WAR Clif Cooper Roping Clinic. Fundamentals and Tie Down sponsored by Fit N Wise. Eat lunch after Fit N Wise and then head to Cooper Arena. The address will be provided at checkin in the morning.
  • Luke Kaufman WAR and 1000 Miles Till Home concert  7pm dinner at Bonos and concert and fun after.
June 1 Thurs
  • Fit N Wise Sports Medicine clinics (same as above)
  • WAR Mike Lee bull riding clinic  (same as above)
  • WAR Bull Fighting Clinic (same as above)
  • WAR Clif Cooper Roping Clinic. Fundamentals and Tie Down sponsored by Fit N Wise (same as above)
  • 1000 Miles Til Home Banquet. Pre-register. We have one table for 8 people. If you would like to attend the dinner please text Sheri by Thursday, May 25th, 5pm.  Otherwise WAR clinic attendees can eat dinner together and hang out. We'll be open to things that come up that are a lot of fun. 

June 2 Fri

  • Free morning. Some will probably go to NRS.  Fit N Wise is open for all of you to go to for free.
  • booth 3pm at Wise County Fairgrounds We will need volunteers to man the booth as well as help out with the Muttin Bustin that WAR is in charge of.
  • BFO event 7pm. Free tickets for our bull fighters.
June 3 
  • booth Wise County Fairgrounds all day
  • WAR muttin bustin through out the day. Please volunteer to help WAR run this fun event for kids.
  • 8pm PBR Decatur - honoring Warriors and Rodeo and 1000 Miles Till Home. WAR does opening ceremonies. 1/2 time show two WAR members will ride bulls as an exhibition ride.
June 4
  • church service Wise County Cowboy Church. Clyde and Elsie Frost.  WAR baptism.

Host Hotel Motel 6  approx $40 a night depending on types of beds  940-627-2463
Say you are with Warriors and Rodeo
We must hold 10 rooms
King bed - $39.99 plus tax
2 Queen bed - $45.99 plus tax
Suite king and sofa bed - $49.99 plus tax 
2 King suites - $65.00 plus tax

After parties each night. Will have designated drivers and some transportation provided for WAR members.

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