Every Month:
1st Tuesday time varies - All leadership. Mandatory. Please make this call.
1st Tuesday 8pm CST - Update on WAR. Present. Future. All Hands welcome.
2nd Monday 8:00 pm cst - Suicide. PTSD. Depression. Operation Not on my Watch
The 4th of each month (The day we declared our independence) . 7 pm cst - Under the Flag - Remembering those who died in the line of duty.
3rd Thursday of each month. 8 pm cst - WAR Humor - stories from service and rodeo - stuff that makes us laugh.
4th Monday of each month - 8 pm cst - LE, EMS, and Fire support call.
Please email to request login info. Login info will change monthly.
This is only for people in Warriors and Rodeo. If you know someone who would benefit from a call, they must register with WAR first.
You can be anonymous or announce yourself. Share or just listen. Stay on a short time or stay on until you are done. We have some people who jump off our calls as soon the main part is over and other like to visit for a few hours. We used to do calls often and some people in WAR miss the talks and laughs. Please check the website for changes in the schedule. Every month may be different depending on holidays, etc.

Every Thursday night Chaplain's Bible Study Facebook Live. Time's vary so check the group through out the day to find out when.

1st of every month - newsletter
1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month - process all new registration
Every Monday and Wednesday answer emails and voicemails
Every Wednesday mail off packages for store
2nd Thursday of every month - order gear to give to be given to those who serve. Mail gear received and care packages.
4th Thursday of every month - send thank you cards and cards.
3rd and 28th of each month do financial records and meeting with accountant

Nov 15th send Christmas cards

Marine Corps Combat Veteran
Purple Heart Recipient shares at a
WAR banquet in Grand Junction,
"It's not what WAR can do for you,
but what can you do for WAR."
Local LE and Park Service LE
featured in the opening ceremonies of
the PBR TPD event.

August 28-31 Warriors and Rodeo Rafting Trip. Vernal, Utah  Sign up by Aug 10, 2017

ACTRA Finals 2017 Reno, NV October....more info coming

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