WAR Service Member Story TOUGHNESS by Chris Skeeters

Chris Skeeters is a WAR Service Member. He served our country in Marine Corp and is currently riding bulls in numerous associations. Find out more on the Biographies Page.

By Chris Skeeters

To strap yourself to a 1500 lb animal you have to be tough. To share a bull riding story about toughness is hard because to make a living in this sport you have to be tough and have a lot of instances you could talk about. Probably my finest instance of toughness would be in 2012 I broke my collar bone and tore or separated everything in that area. I did not require surgery but I was told I would be out for a while. I was upset I had a big bull riding event in 4 weeks and I wouldn't be able to compete. The pain was horrible, I couldn't do anything. A couple weeks past and the pain subsided some and I made the decision to ride anyway, I knew I prob had no chance of staying on anything. The day came of the 1st round and I was hurting but I put braces, tape, and wraps on everything and man did I draw a bucker, he blew out come round to the right and I was on the ground and in pain. I was told I could have my fees back for the next day and I shouldn't ride but I said no. There was 1 score that night. Saturday night rolls around and I drew a good one. I’ve been on him a couple times and have ridden him so I was happy. The one guy who covered Friday night bucked off so I still had a chance and I put up a score. As I watch everybody else buck off I couldn't believe it I was headed to the short round leading. In the short round I picked an unridden bull and by the time it came to me I had already won so it was a matter of pride he came out and it was a dog fight but I rode him. 4 weeks off and injury I go 2 for 3 and win a nice check and a buckle.