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Dontate today to help Warriors and Rodeo purchase gear for those members who serve our country. They wear body armor and protective gear on a daily basis to protect us - let's do our part to say thank you for their service by providing their gear for the arena.

Military, law enforcement, EMS, fire fighters put their lives on the line daily for our freedom and safety.  I consider it a shame when we see these same men and women then enter the arena with gear that is worn out or no gear at all.  We all know their wages should be tripled for what they do.  WAR feels that we can help out by providing their arena gear...


Holidays Away By Brandon Landon


Festive family gatherings are common around this time of year — houses packed to the brim with family friends, and of course food. Lots of people eagerly wait all year to gather with their loved ones to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

But some of our loved ones might not be able to come make merry and feast. 

We have thousands of troops through all branches of the military stations around the globe and many of those service members can’t make it home for the holidays. They still celebrate the holiday — put up trees and decorations — but it doesn’t quite feel the same. One such soldier and WAR member, Kyle Lamon, is currently deployed in Afghanistan.

While he did miss celebrating Thanksgiving with his family in Tennessee, Kyle spent it with his squad overseas
sharing a turkey dinner at the chow hall.

Kyle also spent Christmas this year overseas. His favorite thing to do over the holidays is watch Christmas movies with his family and he enjoys the conversations those movies strike up with his loved ones. While he is sad about missing that time with his family, he also is proud to be doing what he is doing to protect our country and his loved ones. He even said that he is “thankful to be deployed over the holidays. Not because I do not want to be home, but because I can fight for my family to ensure that they can be home and enjoying their time safe.”
As hard as it is for those who have loved ones deployed for the holidays, like Kyle, we have to take a moment to recognize those whose loved ones payed the ultimate price for our freedoms. Those veterans who will never make it home again to loving families, hearty meals and warm conversations. Those who we have lost are gone, but will never be forgotten.

Holidays away can be tough on the ones left in the states as well. While they are not in harm’s way like our service members, they especially notice the empty chair at the table or that lonely bed at night. It is difficult for those left at home to pull double duty as a parent, and especially on the holidays. Be sure to remember the military families as well as our service members this holiday season.

Merry Christmas and God Bless.

Article by Warriors And Rodeo Member: Brandon Landon- Active Duty Army Medic and bull rider

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Many lives saved from suicide....
                       Help with PTSD.......
                                 Marriages improved.........
                                                    Great memories made..........

2016 has been incredible but we have even more planned for our members for 2017!

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From Afghanistan to a Navy Ship, as far north as Alaska and serving in Hawaii

All our members want you to enjoy the freedom and safety provided by those who are
willing to sacrifice theirs.


Numerous WAR members attended WNFR 2016. They came from all over the country to have fun, work, and share with others - the mission of Warriors and Rodeo.

President Sheri Smith, Board Members Michael Hall and Steve Carter spent many hours discussing the organization, its future and its past.  All three feel a strong purpose and mission that motivates them to volunteer their time and work for free for WAR.

Besides the many meetings attended, many WAR members were given the opportunity to attend the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo with tickets donated by another WAR member.

The final night of the WAR activities, Luke Kaufman had a concert at the PBR Rock Bar on the strip, which featured and honored our members and those who serve.

Bonds were made, lives touched, and missions accomplished.  While no gathering is perfect, WAR members had a great time.  One WAR spouse shared, "I like it when my husband goes with WAR members. He comes home happy and refreshed."

WAR staff is already making plans for WNFR next year!

The Heart of WAR

This Thanksgiving we ask you remember those deployed and those serving here at home in our amazing country. Military, law enforcement, EMS, and fire fighters -

we CANNOT forget them or take them for granted

At the dinner table I ask you go around and each person list off, by name, those who protect our country that you know.  Once everyone is done then say a prayer for them.

 message them, text, or call them

remind them they are appreciated and not forgotten

don't forget. don't be lazy.

Just do it!